Every Book Has It’s Own Beginnings


When the 2012 Family Leadership Summit came to an end, one thing was perfectly clear. The world was desperate for change. In order to turn things around spiritually, fiscally and morally, one thing was needed. It was time for a revival; a revival that would need to take place nationally, internationally and personally.

When our Family Leader team met after the summit to focus on prayer and contemplation, the vision became even more clear. We opened the Bible and the word “if” was right in front of our eyes. We knew right then that we had found our starting point.

Born from this revelation and based around our strong belief that the power of prayer is key for revival, “If 7:14” is a call to action for the entire world to pray twice a day – once at 7:14am and once again at 7:14pm. Imagine if we could better our personal lives and our marriages. Just think if we could change, not only at home, but, at work, in our communities and our churches… in our countries and our world.

The time for revival is here. 

“If 7:14” is a response to that need for revival.

What Will I Learn?


In Mike Huckabee’s Foreword, he writes, “This book is one I happily recommend even if my worst enemy had written it! That’s because it forcefully reminds us that without spiritual revival, this country is “game over”; and it perfectly delivers the ways and means to that necessary revival.”

“If 7:14” focuses on the passage in Scripture of 2 Chronicles 7:14 which offers believers a template and glimpse into God’s heart for revival. “If 7:14” unpacks 2 Chronicles 7:14, phrase by phrase, and makes the case for why there is an urgent need for revival.

In “If 7:14,” you’ll learn: 

• God gives us a template for revival.

• God’s heart is for His people to seek revival.

• Revival begins with personal revival through Jesus Christ.

• There is urgency in answering the “if” call.

Meet The Author


Bob Vander Plaats is President and CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER, a group dedicated to strengthening families by inspiring Christ-like leadership in the home, the church, and the government. His passionate leadership has earned The FAMiLY LEADER national recognition, including an award presented by Citizen Link, an affiliation of Focus on the Family.