God, I’m so in love with You. Touch me Lord. There is nothing like your glorious presence. You fill me up and make me holy. Wrap me up in you arms and hold me close. You discipline me out of love and I pray that you give me wisdom to gladly welcome your kind correction. You lead me in love. You are my good Shepherd. You lay down your life for me. Now I do the same for you. Lead me by your Spirit and show me your will. I will be obedient to you in faith my Lord, my love, my life, my God, my Jesus! Use me for your kingdom, let me be a sanctified holy vessel for your sovereign purposes. God, add souls to your kingdom through me. I pray for my friend Todd that you may cleanse his mind and purify him so that he may find joy in life and see this world and others as you do. Help him to be a father and husband as you are to us, God. In the name of Jesus, I pray. There is no other name. Thank you for your forgiveness and your Grace. Amen.